Welcome to the WANTED Project Podcast

The WANTED project is a group of womyn who are reaching out to “whom it may concern.”

It is our hope that through the podcast series, we will gain community, celebrate our uniqueness as well as our commonalities, heal and end our isolation. That we will see ourselves reflected over and over through the power of example — by sharing our lives, our experience, strength and hope for a future where we can be womyn without “qualifiers.”

That doesn’t mean that we might not individually enjoy qualifiers such as “butch” or “gender non-conforming,” etc, it means that we understand that when we transgress the socially determined and enforced limitations and expectations forced on us, because of our female bodies, such transgressions do not determine us as somehow “not women.” They instead, betray the social construct of gender, as a falsehood and a tool of  patriarchy meant to keep human females subjugated to human males.

There is no wrong way to be female.

We *see* you.

You are WANTED.